Design Programme

Anyone who delivers products and services needs to embrace this way of thinking.

Scott Champion

What is the Design Programme?

Our Design Programme helps businesses to deeply understand their customers’ needs to create new value and grow their sales and profit intentionally by design – not chance.

It uses a learning-by-doing approach tailored to your business. From day one you'll work on real business issues, working collaboratively with a Design Coach to build your organisation’s design capability. Partially funded by NZTE, the Programme has quarterly checkpoints to evaluate progress.

Our customers credit design with fast tracking their export sales, future proofing their product and services, ensuring efficiency and improving profitability. The Design Programme can help your organisation:

  • foster a culture of collaboration and experimentation that turns ideas into reality,
  • create appealing and differentiated products and services,
  • gain sustainable, competitive advantage and opportunity to gain market share,
  • create loyal and passionate customers who are willing to pay a price premium.

Learn more about how design has helped our customers succeed.

Are you ready to embrace new thinking and build a better business?

To qualify for the Programme you must be a NZTE customer. 

If you are a NZTE customer, contact your NZTE Customer Manager.

Not an NZTE customer? 

Learn more about design thinking on our News, Opinions and Talks page or check out some of the resources on DINZIDEO or Institute of Design at Stanford.



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