2010: Design Integration

The 2010 CEO Summit was focused on one of the most significant transformational tools in global business - design integration.

Design integrated companies have evolved to be fundamentally different from other businesses. They create stronger and more appealing products and services, they inspire their people through fostering a dynamic organisational culture, they collaborate to turn their ideas into reality and they create loyal and passionate customers who are willing to pay a price premium. Companies that embed design create new opportunities, new markets and new value.

Our 2010 CEO Summit explored the theory and practice of design integration, learning from global exemplars. It also provided the inside story on how design integration is being used by successful companies worldwide and discussed how you can apply the principles of design integration to transform your business.

Design Integration: Talks from the 2010 CEO Summit

The experience really was wonderful, and I admire what you guys are doing to make New Zealand even more competitive on the world stage.

Adam Lowry
CEO, Method


Marty Neumeier - Author of Brand Gap, Zag, and The Designful Company

Peter Senge - Author of The Fifth Discipline: The art and practice of the learning organisation.

Adam Lowry - Co-founder, Chief Greenskeeper Method Products, Inc.

Dick Powell - Co-founder, Seymourpowell; Chairman, D&AD

Robert Sutton - Author, Professor of Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University

Alan M. Webber - Co-founder, Fast Company

Ingrid Fetell - Human Factors Specialist, IDEO

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