CEO Summit 2015

Balancing Transformation is a hot topic in business today and was the theme of our seventh (and best yet!) Better by Design CEO Summit 2015.

Over 400 CEOs, senior managers and thought leaders spent two days together in March to explore the challenges and tensions businesses face in balancing business as usual with the need to pursue visionary and game changing business transformation.

An impressive line-up of international speakers from Harvard University, Nike, Coke, Google, SYPartners and NewDealDesign shared their insights and experiences, equipping delegates with challenges and actions geared towards implementing real change within their own businesses.

We also heard stories of breakdowns and breakthroughs from New Zealand companies Xero, International Volunteer HQ, Les Mills Enterprises, Icebreaker, Terra Sancta and Mediaworks, who are all actively disrupting and re-imagining the categories they operate within, both here and abroad.

Connections were made, insights were gained and commitments to action created. Below are some of the presentations and interviews that were just too good not to share. Enjoy and prepare to be inspired.

Note: unfortunately, we are unable to publish Jill Bolte Taylor, Andreas Harlow, or Lisa Gevelber's presentations.

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