• Why design?

    Design unlocks better business: better thinking, better insights, better products and services, and better customer experiences.

  • Design programme

    The Design Integration Programme helps companies use design to become more innovative, efficient and internationally competitive.

  • CEO Summit 2015

    Summit 2015 Audience Barrel Hall

    Over 400 CEOs, senior managers and thought leaders spent two days together in March to explore the challenges and tensions businesses face in balancing business as usual with the need to pursue visionary and game changing business transformation.

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  • Jill Bolte Taylor

    Dr Jill Bolte Taylor interview on RadioLIVE

    After her fascinating presentation at the CEO Summit 2015, US neuroanatomist and best-selling author Jill Bolte Taylor recorded this interview with Andrew Patterson.

  • icebreaker


    Even before the first garment was designed, Icebreaker developed a story with the potential to excite a global audience - the story of a natural fibre from the mountains that could reconnect humans with nature.