With design-led thinking, Trimax Mowing Systems have realised the importance of getting 'outside the four office walls' and interacting with suppliers and consumers.

The insights gained from this interaction are helping Trimax deliver products that are really connecting with what their consumers need, contributing to increased customer loyalty.

Find out how design has helped Trimax become more successful

Trimax - driving innovation with design-focused thinking

Despite a reputation for manufacturing good-looking, tough tractor powered mowers that were more robust and economical than competitor products, Trimax found itself still needing a greater focus on innovation.

Having learned a number of initial design principles through Better by Design, the team set about a major product development initiative, the Stealth3. This initiative was grounded in customer insights, significant competitor intelligence, and rigourous design approaches.

The first step was to get closer to Trimax dealers, distributors and customers. Having a broad range of Trimax staff digging deeper and really listening to what these groups had to say provided valuable insights into their needs. Involving dealers and customers in prototype design resulted in a significant number of unseen presales that hadn’t been budgeted for at this stage of the cycle.

‘It was a challenging concept at first but the ‘failing fast, failing cheap’ approach has ensured the development of successful products with timeframes being met’ comments Michael Sievwright, Trimax CEO. ‘Not only that but the products we design now, really connect with what the customer needs and boosts customer retention.'

Trimax have now embedded design thinking across the company, prototyping an Advisory Board to map out a 12 month strategic plan, and running purpose and values workshops to bring strong alignment and create a sense of family for the local office as well as the offshore teams and dealer network.

A further benefit of the Better by Design process has been the creation of a sustainable design legacy. ‘It removes a huge amount of design dependency on me and has established a design process that will roll on without me’ explains Trimax Owner, Bob Sievwright. ‘Above all Better by Design has given me enthusiasm for the exciting things we can try in the future.’

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